Today, I thank you, LORD!

I am rejoicing in TODAY, because today is the day God made for me, and I am going to honor that gift and rejoice in it!!

Daughter #1 is relatively happy at her new job with 2U – she’s back from Phila, so far so good…we are “roommates” again, and it’s working out.   She’s continuing to reduce in size, so far 30 pounds, working out and “doing it”.  I am so proud of the woman she is becoming.  “Lord, I know you have a plan for her.  I will be patient and be confident knowing you have her in your loving hands.”

Daughter #2 finished the first year at WVU and is doing WELL!  She got out of the roommate situation, lived in a single the rest of the semester and is now a business major.   I think this is a good fit for her.  “Lord, I know you have a plan for her, too.  Keep her safe and on course to your glory.  I worry about her heart.”

Hubster.  Still the rock in my life.  Thank you, Lord.

Weight:  I am starting “be balanced” tomorrow…$700.00 – NOW!  THIS TIME!  TODAY!  I am WORTHY!




Christmas, AGAIN???

How is it so, that these years fly by??   Dear #1 is still in Philly, working the job…she is doing good work at her JOB, but HATES it and I fear she is going to “up and quit” before she finds job #2…she has no idea what she “WANTS” to do.

Dear Hubs and I spoke last night, et al…we are on the same page.  #1 must honor her lease and “make it work”, “suck it up” (those are my words)…did I ever REALLY like a job??  I don’t remember, but I always liked the people I worked with and had FUN at work!  I wonder if I can list all my “job”…

I found mom’s “list” of jobs, from the beginning of time…She always liked to work, more so than to stay home and be a “housewife”…can I blame her?  “NO!”  there is really so little feedback and so little reward…except down the line someone, preferably ones spawn, says, “ya’ know, ma’- you did a good job.  Thanks!”…Music to a mothers’ ears…I hope I said it enough to my mom.  I am pretty sure I did…

#2 is doing a lot better than this time last year!  Studying, living w/ Alyssa, going to class.  Please, Lord, help her find her way!





Transitions are inevitable…change is inevitable…isn’t that what learned way back in  junior high?

If things are constantly changing, then why are we so surprised and resistant to change?  Maybe we crave things to “remain the same” because nothing is guaranteed?

Lots of change happening here.  Girl One is moving to Philly after the recent diploma-thon…we have known for 6 months…yet…the dragging of the feet, the drama, the emotions…She is so capable…I must KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON!  Just as if we were being bombarded with enemy fire…which I am, everyday, with her emotional venting.  I hope and pray that in 3 months she may be a little more confident in her abilities…

The future IS an UNKNOWN!!!  Hence, TODAY IS THE DAY!!!   “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice, and be glad in it!”

I pray that some day, SHE will “be glad in it!”  I KNOW it will happen, getting there is the hardest part!  I have all the confidence in the world in her!  She has it going on and she WILL figure it out!!!

Girl Two…WVU…steering the course to her next college try.  Pray, Lord, this time works and it all goes well.  And, if not…there are always options!!!

That is such a POWERFUL statement!   THERE ARE ALWAYS OPTIONS!!!

I think I will make that today’s Bulletin Board Post!!!


Easter 2016 – He Is Risen – INDEED!

I woke up early.  Early enough to go to 8:00 am service if I hurried…but I was lazy and said to myself, “It’s Easter, rejoice, relax, have a coffee, take your time.”  So, that’s what I decided to do.  Then the girls came down and we chatted and cuddled, and flitted the morning away.  By this time, I was not making the 9:30 service either…o.k., 11:00 am contemporary service it is..It’s EASTER, I really would like to make it to church!!  When I came down from dressing, The Captain was streaming the 9:30 service LIVE on You Tube!  How cool is that!!  I felt like I was THERE!!   Imagine my happy surprise when I got to the 11:00 am service and, by popular demand, it, too was a traditional service.  I sat in on the exact same service I just watched from home eating my breakfast, drinking my coffee and enjoying the last few minutes with Girl One before she drove back to college…Feeling BLESSED.