Today, I thank you, LORD!

I am rejoicing in TODAY, because today is the day God made for me, and I am going to honor that gift and rejoice in it!!

Daughter #1 is relatively happy at her new job with 2U – she’s back from Phila, so far so good…we are “roommates” again, and it’s working out.   She’s continuing to reduce in size, so far 30 pounds, working out and “doing it”.  I am so proud of the woman she is becoming.  “Lord, I know you have a plan for her.  I will be patient and be confident knowing you have her in your loving hands.”

Daughter #2 finished the first year at WVU and is doing WELL!  She got out of the roommate situation, lived in a single the rest of the semester and is now a business major.   I think this is a good fit for her.  “Lord, I know you have a plan for her, too.  Keep her safe and on course to your glory.  I worry about her heart.”

Hubster.  Still the rock in my life.  Thank you, Lord.

Weight:  I am starting “be balanced” tomorrow…$700.00 – NOW!  THIS TIME!  TODAY!  I am WORTHY!




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