Christmas, AGAIN???

How is it so, that these years fly by??   Dear #1 is still in Philly, working the job…she is doing good work at her JOB, but HATES it and I fear she is going to “up and quit” before she finds job #2…she has no idea what she “WANTS” to do.

Dear Hubs and I spoke last night, et al…we are on the same page.  #1 must honor her lease and “make it work”, “suck it up” (those are my words)…did I ever REALLY like a job??  I don’t remember, but I always liked the people I worked with and had FUN at work!  I wonder if I can list all my “job”…

I found mom’s “list” of jobs, from the beginning of time…She always liked to work, more so than to stay home and be a “housewife”…can I blame her?  “NO!”  there is really so little feedback and so little reward…except down the line someone, preferably ones spawn, says, “ya’ know, ma’- you did a good job.  Thanks!”…Music to a mothers’ ears…I hope I said it enough to my mom.  I am pretty sure I did…

#2 is doing a lot better than this time last year!  Studying, living w/ Alyssa, going to class.  Please, Lord, help her find her way!