Transitions are inevitable…change is inevitable…isn’t that what learned way back in  junior high?

If things are constantly changing, then why are we so surprised and resistant to change?  Maybe we crave things to “remain the same” because nothing is guaranteed?

Lots of change happening here.  Girl One is moving to Philly after the recent diploma-thon…we have known for 6 months…yet…the dragging of the feet, the drama, the emotions…She is so capable…I must KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON!  Just as if we were being bombarded with enemy fire…which I am, everyday, with her emotional venting.  I hope and pray that in 3 months she may be a little more confident in her abilities…

The future IS an UNKNOWN!!!  Hence, TODAY IS THE DAY!!!   “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice, and be glad in it!”

I pray that some day, SHE will “be glad in it!”  I KNOW it will happen, getting there is the hardest part!  I have all the confidence in the world in her!  She has it going on and she WILL figure it out!!!

Girl Two…WVU…steering the course to her next college try.  Pray, Lord, this time works and it all goes well.  And, if not…there are always options!!!

That is such a POWERFUL statement!   THERE ARE ALWAYS OPTIONS!!!

I think I will make that today’s Bulletin Board Post!!!