Easter 2016 – He Is Risen – INDEED!

I woke up early.  Early enough to go to 8:00 am service if I hurried…but I was lazy and said to myself, “It’s Easter, rejoice, relax, have a coffee, take your time.”  So, that’s what I decided to do.  Then the girls came down and we chatted and cuddled, and flitted the morning away.  By this time, I was not making the 9:30 service either…o.k., 11:00 am contemporary service it is..It’s EASTER, I really would like to make it to church!!  When I came down from dressing, The Captain was streaming the 9:30 service LIVE on You Tube!  How cool is that!!  I felt like I was THERE!!   Imagine my happy surprise when I got to the 11:00 am service and, by popular demand, it, too was a traditional service.  I sat in on the exact same service I just watched from home eating my breakfast, drinking my coffee and enjoying the last few minutes with Girl One before she drove back to college…Feeling BLESSED.